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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

kata-kata hikmat dato’ Seb TING KEPADA WARGA MIRI 20-6-2013


Seb Ting
Seb Ting
Good morning. My Dear Friends. How are you? It is Thursday and one more day, we will have a relaxing Friday, followed by a blessed weekend.
How safe is safe in Miri? This must be the main topic for discussion, in kopitiam, offices, work places and at home, over coffee breaks, lunches and dinners...
It was reported that yesterday there was a robbery by 3 robbers at a private house and gun shots at centre point shop house, near sun city cafe.
Like all other things, like it or not, perception is important . When people perceive that crime is on the increased, even though the statistic shows otherwise, they feel relatively unsafe . Often, we would hear this. It was so safe many many years ago. But then, we had less population, less challenges and more simple living, unlike now.
Of course, there would be valid arguments and facts from the authorities and the public or even NGOs on this simple question.. How safe is safe in Miri?
Notwithstanding the above, the public would like to see more police on the beat and patrol cars on the move. The comfort and safe feeling of the sight of Uniformed Police with the people. Police presence and perhaps with other legal uniformed groups, is crucial.
We are sure that Miri people would be and are with you in your efforts in maintaining law and order, including the fight against crime, and to keep Miri a safe place. Let us talk and discuss on how we can also help to keep Miri safe..
Wishing all my friends an exciting Thursday. Be kind to your body and stay healthy.
God bless...



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